Shows and Workshops

The Rocking Library Science Show

This summer show your library patrons just how rocking their library can be with The Rocking Library Science Show! A fun filled mix of science, storytelling, fiction and nonfiction sure to be a hit with your budding scientists. The Insane Library Science Guy will take your patrons on a journey through the library collection with interactive stories, science demos and a special nod to the maddest scientist in history....the Library scientist!

The Insane Science of Fairyland

 Come to a land where pumpkins are prisons, wolves sneeze down houses, dragons are ice cold and SCIENCE tells the rest of the story! 

     This fun, raucous and sometimes messy show is perfect for ages birth til death! With flying toilet paper, fog vortexes, singing rods to name just a few of the elements in this show you can understand why children (and children at heart) literally go insane for science after seeing it! 

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Biohazard: a Full Body Storytelling Adventure

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end but what does it take to get there? This program  will test your childs fine and gross motor skills as they try to escape a greedy clay boy and travel to London Bridge. Along they way they will learn about nutrition, atoms and the joys of magical science! 

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Hands-on workshops for all ages!

Try The Insane Science of Flying and learn basic aeronautics while making 2 flying toys you get to keep!


Try The Insane Science of Toymaking and learn how to make toys from trash and learn about force, motion energy and more!

Looking for tweens and teens activities? Try The Insane Science of Cold a "hands-on" dry ice program....with appropriate safety gear of course! 

Call us today for your hands-on science exploritorium.

supercold science, dry ice, STEM, STEAM