The Insane Science Guy


   I am Casey Nees, better known as "Crazy Casey the Insane Science Guy!" I founded Casey's Laugh and Learn to fulfill a dream.


   For most of my adult life I have been a children's librarian but I have also been a teacher, professor and a professional storyteller/sharer. I have spent decades using storytelling to promote reading and literacy but it was less then 8 years ago that I found my other 

   Oh not scientific research or solving the great paradoxes of our time. No my passion is for GROSS science! LOUD science! MESSY science! INSANE SCIENCE!

Ahem....Sorry...I'm working on that coffee addiction. lol 

Before long, I was adding science demos into my stories attempting to explain how wolves sneeze down houses or how tornadoes can defeat dragons and something odd happened.


Each time I added more science to my stories at the library more kids checked out books on science. Soon I found that EVERY science book on my shelf was being checked out after every show and I knew I had to do more. So I began designing hands on science workshops to in between sharing science stories and the kids loved it. 

I dreamed of sharing what i was doing at libraries around the world until I finally decided to fulfill my dream of making a living as a storyteller and children's entertainer and Casey's Laugh and Learn came to life

ITS ALIVE!....Ahem...Decaf Casey remember decaf.